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The Wick Snuffer

The Wick Snuffer

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Have you ever blown out a candle only to have hot wax splash all over? Or maybe you notice after blowing out a candle the beautiful aroma that filled the space has been masked by smoke.

Our Wick Snuffer will safely extinguish wicks to prevent smoldering and the potential for injury that can occur from blowing out a candle.

Elegant, simple and modern design. The bell cover rotates, so it is easy to extinguish the flame from any direction.


Made of solid stainless steel with silver plated surface.

Attractive polishing effect.

Corrosion resistance, long lasting and durable.


Wick Snuffers Measurements: 6.30 inches

How To Use

Gently place the bell down over the flame and wait for the flame to go out.

Take care not to submerge the bell into the melt pool. The bell only needs to hover over the surface of the wax.

Never touch the bell after extinguishing the wick flame, as it will be hot.

Note: Should wick snuffers come in contact with melted wax, simply use a soft cloth to wipe away any wax residue.

Embrace Handmade

Our products are meticulously designed by a master artisan.

Handcrafted in Austin, Texas.

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