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Infused Coconut Crème Oil-Juno Moss

Infused Coconut Crème Oil-Juno Moss

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Juno Moss is an exquisite, light and non-overpowering but fragrant blend.

Its spa-inspired qualities are a complex medley of green palm leaves and cool freshwater springs. Elevated by cyclamen and lotus blossom. Casaba melon rest on a base of carrageen moss, driftwood and lush bamboo foliage.

The natural, subtle character of this fragrance is calming and tranquil.

Our Infused Coconut Crème Fragrance Oil is made using luxurious organic coconut oil and only the finest ingredients. Expertly blended and ultra concentrated fragrance oil to fill living spaces quickly and evenly. 

Designed to be used only in a fragrance oil warmer.


Organic coconut crème oil.

Expertly blended, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free fragrance oil and essential oil.

How To Use

Gently shake bottle in a side to side motion.

Unscrew the glass pipette dropper from bottle.

Gently pump silicone bulb 2-4 times to fill the pipette.

Hold pipette over oil warmer.

Dispense contents into the bowl of the warmer.

Do not over fill warmer.

Do not add water.

Discontinue use if warmer dish contains less than 1/4" of oil.

Always store in a cool, dry place.


For intended use only as a home fragrance product.

Use only in tea-light oil warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for fragrance oil and/or wax melts.

Before using this product, read and follow all instructions provided with the warmer you chose to purchase.

Do not leave product in warmer unattended while in use.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Use only in well-ventilated areas.

This product is not intended to be used on skin or ingested.

Thoroughly wash hands if contact is made with fragrance oil.


From May 1st through September 30th, we only ship products on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the week.

This limits the time for products (wax and fragrance oil) to be stored during weekend in non-air conditioned facilities.

If you place your order Wednesday morning, it may not leave our studio until the following Monday depending on our order volume. This is a necessary step to maintain the quality and integrity of your order. Kindly plan for additional fulfillment time.

For more details read our Shipping Information.

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